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Welcome to Dudley

Dudley proudly supplies many reputable clients with high quality equipment for commercial washrooms. We hold more than 70 years of experience in the industry and the longevity of our service allows us to provide expert guidance during every transaction.

UK Washroom Suppliers

Dudley is known for our high quality washroom equipment products that are manufactured in the UK. We are confident that our contemporary designed facility exceeds the standards for producing high end stainless steel sheet metal products that are rated superior at every level of performance. Industries of all types take advantage of products, such as washroom equipment and restroom equipment that we manufacture with state of the art machinery.

Commercial Washroom Accessories

Dudley realises the high demand for washroom accessories is one that must be met with superior quality and high performance products. We make every effort to offer the best stainless steel washroom accessories in the industry. We supply a large variety of washroom hygiene equipment and numerous other products that include but are not limited to:

  • combination units
  • washroom fittings
  • washroom accessories
  • initial washroom equipment

Additional Services

Sub- Con – We are capable of providing essential resources that support a diverse customer base that have varying needs. Attention to details such as low cost/medium volume products are key factors for the support of facilities management activities. High value/low volume design-led customer base in architectural/office environment is also a key element of focus.

Product Branding – Brand enhancement is a major component of business success in every industry and Dudley Industries can help you increase the presence of your brand. Our logo can be added to all purchases included in a low or high volume order.

OEM (original equipment manufacturer) – Our expert team of in-house designers utilise the latest and most innovative computer aided design technology to create custom designs. We have an extensive portfolio of established and custom created design for your convenience.