Modulo ‘Behind the Mirror’ Touch Free Soap Dispenser

Modulo ‘Behind the Mirror’ Touch Free Soap Dispenser


1.4509 Stainless Steel
Plus mixed material components


W. 193mm x H. 245mm x D. 193mm


Matte black powder coated

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Product Information

Touchless Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser

Part of our Modulo ‘Behind the Mirror’ range of washroom dispensers, this soap dispenser limits touch in the washroom environment, helping to reduce the spread of germs and providing a safe hand hygiene solution.

In addition to maximising hygiene, this soap dispenser utilises the space ‘behind the mirror,’ conserving room in small washroom environments. This dispenser can be fitted within our Modular cabinet; utilising just half a cabinet space. Therefore, a second dispenser can be fitted if required. The cabinet keeps content of the dispenser safe, secure and free from cross contamination.

At a time when it’s so important, make sure you are providing the most hygienic handwashing solutions. Enquire about this product by speaking to the Dudley Industries team.

More information

  • Fits the Modulo Behind the Mirror system.
  • Large 1L capacity reservoir is quick and easy to refill.
  • Dispensing pump compatible with most liquid soap formulations.
  • Spare consumables can be conveniently stored on the shelf within the cabinet.
  • The locked cabinet cover keeps the dispensers and spare consumables safe.
  • Infra red operation detects the movement of hand underneath the sensor to trigger the dispensing action
  • Battery operated for ease of installation.
  • Batteries should provide around 20,000 dispenses per set (dependent on battery quality and environment)
  • Utilises half a modular cabinet space.
  • Blanking plates available separately if required.