Why you should fit hand dryers in your washroom


By Eleanor Blair

Good hand hygiene is one of the most effective methods to protect yourself and others from the spread of bacteria. Whilst hand hygiene starts with washing hands in soap and water it is completed by thoroughly drying hands. Therefore, providing effective means to dry hands in a washroom is just as important as providing soap and water.

When washroom users are left with limited options to dry their hands, cross contamination is prone to occur; damp hands can spread a thousand times more bacteria than dry!

The benefits of hand dryers

Hand dryers provide your washroom users with a solution that’s both effective and hygienic whilst also reducing the impact on the environment compared to other methods. Electric hand dryers help reduce waste whilst being low maintenance. The low energy requirement alongside automatic operation helps reduce both electricity bills and the potential for cross-contamination.

Though the higher initial cost of a hand dryer can be off-putting; the resulting reduction of waste, lower maintenance time and lessened environmental impact combined with a stylish sleek design quickly represents value for money. Providing effective hand drying facilities reflects well on your brand as well – the promotion of good hygiene is never a bad thing to be known for.

Choosing hand dryers for your washrooms

There is a veritable range of warm air hand dryers available to meet the needs of every location and usage. Selecting a hand dryer based on speed can be advantageous to your brand – most modern dryers can dry hands in around 10-20 seconds. This speeds up the overall washroom experience which is particularly important in busy washrooms. It’s important to consider size when selecting a hand drying unit, for smaller washrooms there is the option of recessed products that utilise the space in a wall cavity to maximise the limited space.

If your organisation is most interested in efficiency and saving money through reducing energy related costs, examining the most energy efficient hand dryers may be the option for you. The noise levels of an electric hand dryer is also something to consider – if your washroom is near areas that require little disruption, a quieter hand dryer is the superior option.

The appearance of your washroom leaves a lasting impression on visitors, so consider this when selecting a hand dryer – most modern dryers are both stylish and sleek to complement any washroom decor. The durability of the unit selected is intrinsic to the overall operation of your washroom; if the unit is located in a high traffic area it’s important to select one that’s robust, reliable and able to withstand a large amount of users. Selecting the correct hand dryer can enhance your brand, encourage good hygiene, reduce costs in the long run and make for a stylish addition to the modern washroom.

Our range of stainless steel hand dryers

Behind The Mirror Warm Air Dryer

Produced with stylish washrooms in mind, the Behind The Mirror’ warm air dryer offers a premium solution to any washroom. The touch free operation reduces the chance of cross contamination, and the robust stainless steel used to manufacture the dryer ensures its suitability for high usage washrooms. This dryer is particularly stylish as it’s able to be fitted into the cavity behind a mirror with other complimentary dispensers such as soap and paper towels. It fixes in line with the base of the mirror cabinet to maintain a clean line finish.

Classic Warm Air Hand Dryer

Available in 2 finishes complementing any washroom decor; our Classic automatic hand dryer is a reliable unit designed to serve the busiest of washroom environments. The strict manufacturing processes involved in making this stainless steel product will ensure reliability for many years of daily use. Energy efficient dryers provide low running costs and cause far less mess than paper towels. Interestingly, this product features a pivoting outlet which makes it suitable for face drying as well as effective hand drying.

Plasma Hand Dryer Slimline

The Plasma’ Slimline Hand Dryer is a powerful hand drying solution. Attractively contained within a stainless steel casing, this unit is able to deliver high performance hand drying. The white powder coated option enhances your washroom aesthetic and the compact design ensures it does not take up excessive space. This dryer ensures robustness, reliability, low running costs and overall provides a highly effective hand drying solution.

Platinum Hand Dryer

Including an innovative clear lacquer coating to aid in the prevention of fingerprints, the Platinum Hand Dryer provides your washroom users with a hand drying experience that’s both powerful and attractive. CE approved, highly energy efficient and cost effective, this hand dryer will be reliable in constant use. The automatic operation allows electricity to be saved as the unit switches off when not in use and is extremely cost effective in the long run when compared to paper towels. Designed and manufactured with efficiency in mind, the Platinum Hand Dryer is an attractive product that aims to ensure the highest standards of hygiene are maintained.

Recessed Warm Air Dryer Slimline

A sleek and stylish addition to any washroom environment, the Recessed Warm Air Dryer is a wall cavity fitted unit, manufactured to slot neatly into 100mm deep wall cavities. The unit is operated by sensor to provide touch free operation for ease of use and to help reduce cross-contamination. This hand dryer is recessed, to provide the perfect space saving solution that’s both hygienic and ideal in smaller washrooms. The stainless steel construction and brushed finish complements all types of washroom décor.

Fit effective hand dryers in your washroom

At Dudley Industries we have been providing high quality hygiene washroom accessories since 1942, so you can feel confident in the knowledge that our expertise and manufacturing quality is second-to-none.

If you would like to find out more about Dudley Industries’ hand dryers or need help to select the best one for your washroom, then please contact a member of our team who will be happy to help you.