Why quality washroom products matter

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Quality is a word the team at Dudley Industries writes and says in pretty much every conversation we have and every document we write.  You could say we are synonymous with quality.  But why is it so important to us?

Quality Washroom Dispensers

We’ve been producing washroom dispensers since 1942 and we’ve learnt rather a lot in that time and whilst the designs might have changed considerably over the years the basic requirement for reliability and robustness remains constant.
When using away from home washrooms, how often do you hear ‘The toilets are great, they have both soap and paper towels?’ I’m guessing not very often.  On the contrary you do hear ‘don’t use that cubicle there’s no paper’ and ‘the soap is not working’.  As washroom users we expect, and quite rightly so, that everything should be working correctly.
Let’s take an average office as an example with 100 people working in it, we’ll assume an even split of ladies and gents visiting four washrooms, each with two soap dispensers.  On average most people visit the washroom three to four times a day, more if you consider additional hand washing but we’ll use three visits for this example:
100 people x 3 visits = 300 washroom visits, 75 per each of the four washrooms
Each of the soap dispensers is therefore used 38 times.  If we assume everyone uses two doses of soap for effective hand washing that means each soap dispenser is used 75 times a day.
In a five day week this is 375 times, over the course of a year this is 19,500 times.  It quickly adds up.
And when you consider this is a small example, nothing compared to the demand on washrooms in cinemas, hospitals, airports etc. it demonstrates why choosing a quality dispenser is so important.
Having to replace faulty equipment is costly, not only for the replacement, but also in the resources needed to order and fit the new dispenser. Not forgetting the impact on a company’s brand and reputation by having an inefficient washroom.

Highly Durable Washroom Products

A new and exciting trend emerging in our industry is ‘apps’ for rating and reviewing public washrooms. Whilst cleanliness might be the biggest influence in rating a washroom, working dispensers are close behind.  A cheaper dispenser might seem a cost saving solution at the on-set but could become costly in the future.
Our washroom dispensers are built to withstand the demand from the busiest washrooms.
The new pump used in our commercial soap dispensers has been thoroughly tested to perform well over 300,000 times.  That’s over 15 years in the example above.
We are so confident in our quality manufacturing that all our dispensers are backed up by a 5 year guarantee.  Why settle for anything less?
We are proud of our quality and will continue to be as we develop new ranges, but don’t think this naturally comes at a price because we also put equal emphasis on providing good value across all our products.
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