Platinum Sanitary Bag Holder

Material:Stainless Steel
Dimensions:W.111 x H.155 x D.48mm
Finish:Brushed/Lacquered (77021CB)

Product Information

Sanitary Bag Holder for Commercial Washrooms

It is important to provide a caring and considerate washroom environment for all females and this means that feminine hygiene facilities should be in place. This stainless steel sanitary bag holder is highly durable and provides the ideal solution for providing sanitary disposal bags in washrooms.

Failing to provide adequate feminine hygiene disposal facilities can lead to sanitary waste being flushed down the toilet, which can lead to blockages and expensive repair bills. Providing sanitary waste bags encourages the safe disposal of sanitary waste helping to reduce the chance of blockages.

The holder itself is part of our premium Platinum Range, which ensures a touch of class in your washrooms. This stylish and compact holder is ideal for washroom cubicles where space may be limited. Features include an innovative finger print resistant coating and pre-cut holes, so the holder can be easily mounted to walls or cubicles.

If you would like to find out more about the Platinum Sanitary Bag Holder, then please contact our team.

Product Information

  • Sanitary disposal bags help contain waste and keep sanitary bins clean in between services
  • The holder presents bags in a handy and neat manner
  • Supports your washroom aesthetics
  • Innovative coating helps prevent fingerprint marks to keep dispensers looking their best