Classic Clearview Scrim Paper Towel Cabinet

Material:Stainless Steel
Dimensions:W.242mm x H.470mm x D.380mm
Packing/Carton:1 Piece
Finishes:Brushed (40541SS)
White Powder Coated (40541WH)

Product Information

Scrim Paper Dispenser

Continuous roll scrim paper provides an alternative method of hand drying to conventional paper towels.  Scrim paper provides high absorbency and strength making it ideal in many locations.  Our dispenser provides both durability and style through its stainless steel construction.  The dispenser is ideal for the washroom and also other areas throughout our premises where hand wiping and drying facilities are needed.

Make sure your washroom is providing effective hand drying solutions. Talk to our team to find out more about the Classic Clearview Scrim Towel Cabinet.

Product Information

  • Metal towel guide in reservoir
  • The cabinet is automatically locked and opened with a two pin key
  • The feed control length is set at 17.5cm
  • Fast and easy loading with step by step instructions
  • Time delay is factory set at 2 seconds (Adjustable)