‘Behind The Mirror’ 400ml Liquid Soap Dispenser

Material:Stainless Steel
Dimensions:W.212mm x H.343mm x D.163mm
Finish:Brushed (92020SS)

Product Information

Soap Dispenser for Washrooms

Part of our ‘Behind The Mirror’ range, this washroom soap dispenser is concealed in the storage space behind a mirror providing the ideal solution to provide an important hand hygiene facility whilst helping to maintain the aesthetics of your washroom and maximise available space.

This soap dispenser is conveniently operated with a pull lever for ease of use. Each pull dispenses a liberal amount of soap allowing the user to effectively wash their hands. It is important to provide hand washing facilities that allow users to remove germs from their hands, that could otherwise be spread around your premises and increase the chance of illness.

The unit slides down from behind the mirror so it can be easily refilled and serviced when required. The dispenser is also locked to prevent access to the mechanism or pilfering of the soap contained within.

Ensure you are providing people with soap for hand washing. Contact our team to find out more about our stainless steel ‘Behind The Mirror’ 400ml Liquid Soap Dispenser.

Product Information.

  • 400ml liquid soap dispenser, operated by an attractive ‘pull’ lever.
  • Unit slides down for easy refilling and servicing.
  • Lockable for security, preventing access to mechanism and soap reservoir.
  • Fixes in line with the base of the cabinet to maintain clean lines, presenting just the lever to the user.