‘Behind the Mirror’ 1L Touchless Soap Dispenser

‘Behind the Mirror’ 1L Touchless Soap Dispenser

Dispensers conveniently positioned  ‘Behind the Mirror’ cleverly utilise the space available helping to make washrooms more streamlined and efficient.  This automatic soap dispenser provides a touch free solution to support effective hand hygiene.


Stainless Steel (Plastic Soap Reservoir)


W.212mm x H.360mm (Max) x D.163mm



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Product Information

Touch Free Stainless Steel Hand Soap Dispenser – 1L

The latest addition to our ‘Behind the Mirror’ washroom range, this automatic, touchless soap dispenser is positioned in the space available behind a mirror above washroom basins. The touch-free operation increases hygiene for users by detecting a hand placed underneath the unit, triggering the soap to be dispensed and avoiding users having to touch the soap dispenser at all.

The large capacity 1L reservoir is ideal for the busiest of washrooms. The bulk fill reservoir allows you to fill with your choice of consumable and doesn’t tie you to a particular type of refill allowing greater freedom of choice in the products you use.

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More Information

  • Large capacity 1L touchless liquid soap dispenser
  • Unit slides down for easy refilling and servicing
  • Lockable for security, preventing access to mechanism and soap reservoir
  • Fixes in line with the base of the cabinet to maintain clean lines
  • Infra red operation detects the movement of hands underneath the unit
  • Battery operated for ease of installation

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