Fitness Centre Washrooms

Membership of a gym or fitness centre can be viewed as both a luxury and necessity and one that many people value highly. Consequently, your members will have high expectations of washroom facilities, which need to convey a sense of style, hygiene and modernity. A suite of high-quality stainless-steel washroom equipment helps to do this; to uphold brand values while also withstanding all the rigours of frequent use, servicing and cleaning. For both style and practicality, stainless steel is the perfect choice.

Large Capacity

Your washroom shouldn’t let you down during peak times.  We understand that there are peaks of demand before and after the standard working day.  Our dispensers ranges have options for large and small capacity so that you can choose the right ones for your particular washrooms with the confidence that the sizeable capacity will support your busiest periods.

Ease of refilling

Maintaining the levels of hygiene expected of a quality gym can be hard.  It is vital to support your cleaning teams with the right tools for job and this extends beyond their cloths and cleaning products. All our dispensers are easy to open with hinged covers and internals that are quick to refill.  Keys are common across ranges making refiling quick and easy.

Freedom of consumable

We are the designer and manufacturer of metal washroom dispensers, all our skills and experience go into creating stylish, reliable dispensers.  This approach enables you to choose your preferred consumable range, one that underpins your company values and works best for you. You may wish to use different consumable in different areas of your facilities such as crèche areas or spa retreats.  With our dispensers you are able to achieve consistency of style whilst adapting the contents to the location.