SafeGuard Anti-Ligature Range


A study[1] of suicide cases within mental health facilities identified that 77% of the 448 deaths were as a result of strangulation.  The study carried out in England and Wales found that common ligature points were doors, hooks/handles and windows using belts, bedsheets and towels.  The use of earphone cables has also become more prevalent in recent times although not specified in the 2007 study.
Patients are more at risk in areas of privacy in which they spend time unsupervised for example toilets, bathrooms and bedrooms.
It is vital that we work together to help protect these individuals struggling with mental health issues by providing an environment that is safe and reduces the potential for self-harm.

Anti-Ligature Washroom Range

The SafeGuard Anti-ligature range of washroom dispensers has been designed in-conjunction with leading expert Carl Need, owner of the Anti-Ligature Shop Ltd.  The range is designed to reduce the potential for attaching a ligature and help safeguard the most vulnerable.
The innovative design sees the dispenser work in-conjunction with a wall plate which securely houses the dispenser and reduces the potential to attach a ligature in the gap between wall and dispenser.  Securing the wall plate into position with Anti-Pick sealant adds to the security.  The dispensers can then be refilled with ease by the cleaning team.
The dispenser itself is also designed to avoid sharp edges and areas where a ligature could be attached. The recessed lock secures the contents avoiding the potential to pilfer the consumable.  The brushed finish ensures this range is attractive but also helps to reduce fingerprint marks and is easy to clean.  Carl and the team were keen to ensure the final design wouldn’t look of out of place in a luxury hotel washroom avoiding any institution stereotypes.
All of this is achieved with the quality and reliability expected of a Dudley Industries product.

Protecting the most vulnerable

We believe this range can help safeguard the vulnerable in mental health facilities, prisons, detention centres and care homes reducing the statistics stated at the start of this article forever.  If you supply or service washrooms in the care sector consider how the addition of this range would enhance your offering.  It helps demonstrate that you understand your client’s environment and the challenges they face.
If you also believe this range adds value to your offering please contact us today to discuss further.

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[1] Hunt, I., Windfuhr, K., Shaw, J., Appleby, L. & Kapur, N (2012). Ligature points and ligature types used by psychiatric in-patients who die by hanging. Crisis, 33, 87-94.