Wudu Wash Station

Material:304 Stainless Steel
(black or white powder coated finishes)
Dimensions:W.510mm x H.780mm x D.450mm
Finish:Black (Ref: 95000BK) / White (Ref:95000WH)



Product Information.

  • Supports ritual ablutions before prayer.
  • As WUDU concerns the washing of both hand and feet the unit is easily operated and provides stability when users are washing their feet.
  • The opportunity for splash back of water is minimised to prevent accidentally splashing clothing.
  • Soap holder is centrally positioned so as to not cause interference.
  • The water saving tap reduces water usage by up to 80% compared with a conventional tap.
  • Hygiene is increased through the hinged foot grate providing easy access for cleaning.
  • Incorporated auto shut-off water isolation valve.