Classic Blue 30 Litre (Tapered Chute) Waste Bin

Material:Stainless Steel
Dimensions:W.100mm x H.265mm x D.95mm
Packing/Carton:1 Piece
Finish:Patterned (50258CB)


Classic Blue 30 Litre (Tapered Chute) Waste Bin

This stylish blue textured waste bin provides a highly effective solution for waste collection that will be sure to enhance your washroom décor. This bin is made from stainless steel to ensure long term durability making it ideal for washrooms that experience high football. The tapered chute is designed to assist the collection of waste and to effectively contain it within the waste bin. Internally, the bin is fitted with secure bag straps, which hold the bag in place making it easier for your cleaning teams to collect and dispose of the bin liners when full.

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Product Information

  • Patterned stainless steel tapered bin with internal bag strap.
  • Free standing or wall mounted for extra security.
  • Tapered style is designed for the collection of paper rather than waste such as cans and bottles.

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