Classic 1 Litre Foam Soap Dispenser

Material:Stainless Steel / Steel
Dimensions:W.113mm x H.249mm x D.93mm
Packing/Carton:1 Piece
Packing/Pallet:150 Pieces
Finishes:Brushed (50415SS)
Polished (50415PS)
White Powder Coated (50415WH)




Product Information.

  • Suitable for foam soap the large 1L capacity makes this dispenser suitable for the busiest of washrooms
  • Easily operated by one hand pushing the lever to dispense the soap into the hand
  • Locking mechanism secures and protects the soap reservoir from contamination
  • Easy to unlock and cover hinges forward for ease of filling
  • Cover simply snap locks into place when closing
  • Available in polished and brushed stainless steel and powder coated steel