Platinum Gold Soap Dispenser

Platinum Gold Soap Dispenser

The dispenser is ergonomically designed to be handled.

Dudley Industries are renowned for its quality, style and scrupulous attention to detail, a measure of our status in the washroom industry is having been specially commissioned by a UK company to create this bespoke, exclusive gold soap dispenser.

The principal reason for the UK company choosing the Platinum soap dispenser for this project was its soft, undulating curves. The dispenser is ergonomically designed to be handled, it is a stunning reflection – literally and metaphorically – of Dudley’s commitment to high-end washroom accessories.

An elegant and stylish gold soap dispenser designed for a contemporary washroom environment. This dispenser is the latest in luxury washroom accessories and is coated with a 24 carat gold finish. We have manufactured this high quality, durable soap dispenser for the design of attractive and opulent washroom facilities.

Manufactured from the finest grade stainless steel and styled to fit discreetly into your washroom, the dispenser’s robust construction keeps your consumables clean, dry and free from contamination, helping to enhance the hygiene standards in your building.

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