Mouse Grilles

Mouse Grilles

Sturdy aluminium plate with a circular hole aesthetic, designed to use to cover airbricks – a common access point into properties for rodents. Flexible enough to be attached around ‘rough’ airbrick finishes, providing solid protection with minimal disruption to the surface of the building. Allows airflow whilst preventing the property from rodent ingress.

Our mouse grilles are extremely strong and durable, and come with screw kits to ensure mice and rats cannot prise the grille away from airbricks.

Permanently exclude mice and rats from your property with a humane and cost-effective mouse grille.

Available in three sizes:
Small: W.245mm x H.95mm x D.1.5mm
Medium: W.245mm x H.170mm x D.1.5mm
Large: W.245mm x H.245mm x D.1.5mm

Weight:S: 80gms, M: 140gms, L: 200gms (per plate)
Packing/Carton:10 pieces (per box)

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