Dudley Industries Joins Reshoring UK

Reshoring UK logo

We’re pleased to announce that Dudley Industries has joined Reshoring UK, an important nationwide initiative dedicated to helping tier 1 businesses to connect with specialist accredited suppliers from within Britain.


For many years, the country witnessed a growing trend for major corporations to use cheap overseas suppliers; companies that competed primarily on the basis of lower labour costs. As a result, the UK’s own manufacturing base weakened and shrank, and businesses shed jobs throughout the supply chain.


The Role of Reshoring UK

Reshoring UK is part of a concerted effort to reverse that nationally damaging trend. The organisation explains that its purpose is “to encourage engagement with our manufacturing supply chain and to recognise the strength, skills and innovation available to manufacturers in the UK.”


It is essentially a bridge-building initiative; one designed to help businesses to identify suitable British manufacturers in order to fill the gaps in their supply chains “…or to support the creation of new ones.” It is particularly focused on technically demanding, high-value industries such as aerospace, automotive, rail, marine, energy and bioscience.


Reshoring and Contract Manufacturing

Dudley Industries’ contract manufacturing division fits very comfortably into this new initiative. For decades, we’ve been helping British partners to realise their design ambitions, providing all the resources, facilities and technical expertise necessary to produce high quality products and components at scale.


Besides the economic benefits, there are considerable commercial advantages to reshoring supply chain operations. Quality control and common standards are two of the most obvious, but responsiveness and accountability also tend to be far better when working with domestic suppliers in a shared language and time zone.


Moreover, using specialist British suppliers reduces all the delays and environmental impacts associated with international shipping, so operations can be faster, cleaner and more sustainable.


At Dudley Industries, we’re proud to be part of this movement, which promises to become increasingly important in the months and years ahead. For more details, please visit our profile on the Reshoring UK website.