Cyclist Blind Spot Warning Sign


In 2016, 3,499 cyclists were killed for seriously injured on British roads. HGVs present a specific danger to cyclists particularly in city and town centres. Most accidents occur when a HGV is turning left at a junction.

With this in mind we were approached by a haulage transport safety specialist, European Transport Solutions (ETS) a specialist with an innovative idea for a sign specific to cyclists riding alongside the inside of a HGV. Together we designed, prototyped and manufactured an additional warning sign that the vehicle is about to make a left hand turn.

Blind spot warning sign for cyclists:

The new Blind Spot Cyclist Warning Sign fixes to the side or back of HGVs and flashes in-conjunction with the left indicator alerting cyclists to the vehicle turning.
Improving visibility and awareness of turning vehicles is vital to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities involving cyclists and HGVs.
The Blind Spot Warning Sign is IP67 rated to protect against road dirt and dust and stands up to the weather and jet washing. Bespoke bracketry was also a key consideration to ensure a perfect installation on vehicles.
Designed and manufactured in the UK to ISO9001 standards. VCA E11 Approved.
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