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Cyclist Warning Sign

In 2016, 3,499 cyclists were killed for seriously injured on British roads. HGVs present a specific danger to cyclists particularly in city and town centres. Most accidents occur when a HGV is turning left at a junction.

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Integrated Water Fountain

We were approached by a world leading joinery and fit-out specialist we were commissioned to design an enclosure for a centrally fed water fountain. The location was a highly prestigious project located in the heart of London.

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Air Freshener Security Casing

One of our hygiene services clients approached us to help find a solution to a problem they were facing. One of their customers, a high profile, high street coffee chain was experiencing ongoing vandalism to spray fragrance units.

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In Line Printer Casing

Approached by a leading manufacturer of coding and in-line printing technologies we collaboratively designed and manufactured stainless steel skin for their printer housings.

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Front of House Fly Killer

Our parent company, Rentokil, are the worlds leading Pest Control company. They approached us with a design challenge for a Front of House Fly Killer.

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Instrument Facelift

We can provide bespoke housing for equipment ranging from high end scientific instrumentation for laboratories to printers used in industrial settings.

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