Washroom Dispensers: Classic range, classic style


The Classic collection houses our widest selection of dispensers ensuring the best product for every location.  There are many products to choose from across different product categories

Classic Washroom Dispensers

The timeless, classic design combines style with both function and reliability.  Manufactured from a range of high quality materials all suited to the specific use and functionality of each unit, the Classic range is a proven design guaranteed to complement all washrooms.

The design and clean lines ensures it meets the high specification commanded in the most discerning washrooms whilst the quality delivers a confidence that the dispensers will stand up to the highest demand in busy washrooms.  So confident are we in the quality that all our dispensers are backed up by a 10 year warranty providing you peace of mind.

Different finishes are available in the Classic range.  The brushed finish is achieved by polishing with a very fine grit to produce tiny unilateral lines in the surface.  This finish is less reflective and makes it more resistant to fingerprints.

Stainless Steel’s characteristics ensure it is resistant to water and corrosion, the chromium addition to the steel provides resistance to staining and rusting all ensuring it is an effective material for washrooms dispensers.

The white finish is achieved through powder coating on to steel which is applied in our in-house paint facility. This robust finish produces a bright, consistent finish which is easy to clean and maintain.

We source our Steel from AbbeysteelTM who re-purpose natural waste materials from heavy industries.  You can read more on this environmentally friendly material and the other benefits of metal in our blog:  Why we love metal

The Oxford English Dictionary defines ‘Classic’ as:

  1. Of acknowledged excellence or importance.
  2. Of the first class, of the highest rank or importance; constituting an acknowledged standard or model; of enduring interest and value.

Our Classic range of dispensers easily justifies its name under these definitions.  Classic by name, classic by nature.

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