Choosing washroom products for Gyms

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Having access to a gym or leisure centre can be seen as a luxury or a necessity, depending on who you ask. One thing that is certain however, is that these paying members will have set expectations for the facilities they visit, with its washrooms needing to convey a sense of modern and stylish upkeep whilst consistently meeting all hygiene requirements.

Hygienic and sanitary washrooms are an important aspect to creating a healthy and safe environment for both your customers and employees. With many people becoming exceedingly hesitant to re-enter public facilities, it is not acceptable for anyone to experience below par hygiene standards. Exceeding all expectations can lead to healthier visitors and employees, resulting in higher levels of well-being and customer retention.

Creating excellent washroom facilities within your gym begins with identifying the best and most appropriate washroom products and accessories. With many factors to consider when selecting your washroom’s equipment, we’re taking a look at some of the key focal points:

High-Traffic Environments

Gyms can be busy places, with hundreds or even thousands of people coming and going every day. Gym washroom facilities will be in very high demand, and so you don’t want your products and equipment to let you down during peak times.

Users of your facilities should always have access to appropriate levels of hygiene, as washroom equipment that has reached capacity or ran out of dispensable goods is a major inconvenience. It is important to understand how users interact with your washroom in order to provide them with the most effective and appropriate commercial washroom products, even during your busiest periods.

It is important to consider your washrooms space, as too large or too many products may further contribute to a congested atmosphere, making slimline space-saving products a great alternative approach.

Recessed units and dispensers housed behind mirrors help to keep areas and walk ways clear from obstruction.


In addition to continuous use, your facilities’ products will experience, your washroom’s equipment will inevitably take a few accidental knocks and hits along the way. After an extended period of time, some products may begin to operate inefficiently or look aesthetically unkempt and unprofessional.

Selecting a durable product that can withstand and last in the busy gym washroom environment is vital in ensuring you are always providing your washroom users with the most effective and presentable environment. Stainless-steel washroom equipment, ranging from hand dryers to waste bins, is an excellent choice as they are able to withstand frequent use whilst maintaining style and practicality.  Whilst providing fantastic durability, stainless steel washroom equipment also helps to reduce maintenance and repair costs whilst upholding a modern and presentable look within your washroom. Find out more about Dudley Industries Platinum range of stainless-steel washroom equipment to find the right products for your gym.

Preventing Cross-Contamination

Public spaces such as gyms have many objects and surfaces which are touched by many people on a regular basis. This frequent sharing of objects results in many hotspots for germs and bacteria forming throughout your facilities, creating the potential for cross-contamination. Your average washroom already contains many notable germ hotspots, so extra caution is required when this is combined with a gym environment where further carriers of germs, such as sweat, are spread across shared equipment.

To combat the potential for cross-contamination, you should consider the implementation of reliable, functional, and hygienic washroom accessories throughout your gym washrooms. Innovative washroom accessories, such as foot-pedal operated hand sanitiser dispensers or touch-free soap dispensers, allow for effective hand hygiene within your washroom by eliminating unnecessary shared touch points.

The provision of such innovative products within your facilities washroom not only enhances your users experience, but simultaneously augments your company’s perception as a modern and trustworthy establishment. Explore Dudley Industries’ wide range of touch-free commercial soap dispensers to find one suitable for your requirements.

Regular Cleaning Schedules

Creating the levels of hygiene expected of a quality gym requires the implementation of trustworthy and effective products, however it doesn’t stop there. Regular and thorough cleaning schedules are still required to maintain the facilities, and your cleaning teams are an integral part of the process.

It is vital to ensure you are best supporting your cleaning teams with the right tools for the job, and this extends beyond their clothing and equipment. Consider how your washroom products can support the efficiency of your cleaning team in maintaining a hygienic and safe environment. Implementing products with features, such as easy-to-open hinged covers on hand sanitisers, allow for quick and easy refills and maintenance. By installing dispensers from the same suite of products ensures that the keys will be the same across the different products making it much less hassle for the cleaning team to refill dispensers. These useful designs can also be found throughout washroom accessories, browse our range of paper towel dispensers, commercial toilet roll dispensers, and washroom soap dispensers, to allow your team to conduct more thorough and effective cleaning schedules to keep your facilities running as safe and efficiently as possible.

Dudley Industries Washroom Products for Gyms

The washroom equipment and accessories found within your gym’s facilities can leave a lasting impression on your visitors. Providing your customers and team with modern, reliable, and hygienic solutions that can withstand high levels of use can encourage better well-being and leave you with peace of mind in knowing that you are meeting, and perhaps exceeding, all hygiene expectations for staff and visitors.

Dudley Industries are the designer and manufacturer of stylish and reliable metal washroom products suitable for all your business requirements. Their stainless steel dispensers are installed in some of Europe’s premier gyms and fitness clubs, dispensing premium brands of soap, shampoo and shower gels. Browse our variety of commercial washroom accessories and washroom ranges to improve your washroom experience and exceed hygiene in your facilities.

For more information about the different types of washroom accessories available, or if you’d like further assistance to find the right product for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch or call us on 01253 738311