Announcing a new Supplier Agreement in Dubai


We are pleased to announce a supplier agreement with Queenex in Dubai, whose primary business activity is the manufacturing and distribution of tissue products.

This partnership sees Queenex serve their market primarily with the new Autocut Paper Towel Dispenser. This dispenser provides an innovative and hygienic hand drying solution. The product works by detecting the movement of a hand underneath the unit and then it dispenses a portion of new paper towel whilst automatically cutting it to release it. This provides a truly hygienic hand drying solution as users only need to touch the paper they are presented with. Battery operated it provides flexibility for positioning within a washroom; whilst the stylish cover protects the consumables from dust and moisture.

“This supplier agreement with Queenex starts an exciting new chapter for the distribution of our hygiene products in Dubai” comments Tina Bowden, sales manager at Dudley Industries. “This new product demonstrates our commitment to quality and innovation throughout our product development and we believe Queenex are perfectly placed to deliver this product to their market through their expertise and reputation”

Hemant Kambli, CEO from Queenex advises “We employ the highest standards of quality and professionalism to serve our market, we only provide products that meet our strict standards and that help us to continue building our strong bonds with our customers. When we were presented with the Autocut Dispenser we instantly knew of the potential it provided to meet the expectations of our customers, so we are thrilled to be able to secure this supplier agreement with Dudley Industries for our market place.”

“As the sole supplier in Dubai we look forward to presenting this product to our existing and new clients whilst developing our relationship with Dudley Industries and strengthening our product offering.”

For more information about the Auto Cut Paper Towel Dispenser contact sales@dudleyindustries.com