We ensure product quality and excellence…

We pride our-self on our flexible approach and competitive prices. Our skilled and experienced workforce is committed to manufacturing products with an emphasis on quality, for the benefit of our customers and their specific requirements. Our vision is to truly understand our customers needs and deliver customer excellence, by ensuring clear and managed communications. This is achieved through well organised and measured sales and customer care teams.

We ensure product quality excellence by using the latest manufacturing processes and work methodologies, transferring knowledge and empowering the workforce to deliver quality excellence.

Our Values

  • Competitive prices
  • High quality, high performance
  • Great customer service and communication throughout
  • Skilled manufacturing and production teams
  • Innovative manufacturing processes and work methodologies


Dudley Industries is committed to sustainable manufacturing. We are proud to work in partnership with AbbeySteel™ who supplies a re-cycled steel by-product that is sourced from the automotive trade.

Sheet Metal Blanks are supplied and then pressed, welded, and assembled into various parts and components that are used throughout our steel product ranges from bins to soap dispensers.

Heavy duty and hydraulic presses cut and form sheet metal into components with the use of hardened steel tools ready for assembly.

Abbeysteel is the world’s first green brand of sustainably sourced steel.


Dudley lasers, punches and etching machines are CAD Data networked directly from our Design Office. These computer controlled design and manufacturing process ensures maximum accuracy. It also gives Dudley Industries the ability to greatly increase production for smaller batches.

Components are further integrated with CNC controlled folding machines, preparing work pieces for welding and linishing etc prior to final lacquering or powder coated paint finishing.


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